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Beaches Of Mykonos

Mykonos beaches are famous all over the world for their golden sand and crystal waters. In fact, some of them are considered among the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

1.Panormos beach

Panormos is a calm beach resort on the northern side of Mykonos. Peaceful and sandy, Panormos offers a nice alternative for relaxing.

2.Super Paradise beach

Super Paradise is right next to Paradise beach. Less organized than its neighboring coast, it is still one of the most popular places on Mykonos.

3.Paradise beach

Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos, attracting mostly young crowds for its day and night beach parties.

4.Psarou beach

Psarou is an idyllic and well-organized beach on the southern side of Mykonos. In summer, it attracts many celebrities from Greece or abroad.

5.Paraga beach

One of the most popular beaches on Mykonos, Paraga seems like two beaches, the southern side is calm while the northern side is fully organized.

6.Elia beach

Elia is one of the longest and most popular beaches of Mykonos. Many umbrellas, sunbeds, and beach bars dot the coastline.

7.Lia beach

Lia is a nice beach with soft sand and crystal water. It is located close to Kalafatis and has some loungers on the coast.

8.Kalo Livadi beach

Although Kalo Livadi is far from Chora, this is an organized beach with many umbrellas and sunbeds.

9.Platis Gialos beach

Platis Gialos is one of the most popular beaches in Mykonos. Well-organized, sandy and clean, Platis Gialos is easy to reach from the capital village.

10.Agios Stefanos beach

Agios Stefanos is a small protected cove in a small distance from Chora but far from the busy south of Mykonos, so it remains calm most of the tourist season. With soft sand and crystal water, Agios Stefanos is well-developed with tourism facilities.

11.Kalafatis beach

Kalafatis is a lovely beach famous for its watersport centers. The soft sand, the crystal water, and the light breeze attract many visitors there.

12.Agia Anna beach

Agia Anna is a small beach within walking distance from the famous Paraga beach, Mykonos island. It is ideal to get a bit away from the noise of Paraga.

13.Agios Ioannis beach

Agios Ioannis is one of the most beautiful beaches on Mykonos. Due to its remote location, Agios Ioannis remains very calm even in high season.

14.Ftelia beach

Ftelia is a very peaceful and uncrowded beach in the north of Ano Mera village. The strong wind that blows there makes this beach ideal for windsurfing.

15.Agios Sostis beach

Due to its distance from Chora and the most famous beaches of the island, Agios Sostis is one of the calmest resorts on Mykonos.

16.Panormos beach

Panormos is a calm beach resort on the northern side of Mykonos. Peaceful and sandy, Panormos offers a nice alternative for relaxing.

17.Agrari beach

A nice cove between the popular beaches of Elia and Super Paradise, Agrari is lovely with its soft sand and crystal water.

18.Divounia beach

Divounia is a small coast away from the popular beaches of Mykonos. This is a nice cove to relax and enjoy some privacy.

19.Fokos beach

Due to its long distance from the developed southern beaches, Fokos is secluded and very calm, even in high season. A part of Fokos has turned into a naturist beach.

20.Glyfadi beach

Glyfadi is a small beach on the southwestern side of the island, in close distance to Agios Ioannis and Ormos. This small beach is partly sandy and partly pebbled.

21.Kapari beach

Kapari is one of the least organized and busy beaches on Mykonos. It is located at a close distance from Chora but far from the busy beaches of the south.

22.Ornos beach

Ornos is a lovely bay with sand and clean water. As it is close to Chora, it gets popular. Tourist facilities are well-developed there.

23.Megali Ammos beach

Megali Ammos is a beautiful, sandy beach within walking distance from Chora, therefore it gets pretty busy in summer.

24.Merchia beach

A relaxing and peaceful destination far away from the non-stop parties of Mykonos. It is a small, secluded beach with a sandy coast and clean waters.

25.Mersini beach

Mersini is an isolated sandy beach with crystal clear waters situated close to Fokos Beach. It's an ideal destination for the people who seek relaxation far away from the wild parties of Mykonos.

26.Tigani beach

Pano and Kato Tigani are two isolated beaches with crystal-clear waters and coarse golden sand situated in the northeast part of Mykonos. The best reason to visit these beaches is to enjoy the privacy and tranquility that the landscape offers away from the hustle of the island's bustling spots.

27. Corfos beach

Corfos is a small bay close to Chora, the capital of Mykonos. The area provides small coves with a nice view of the sea and some tourist facilities in the surroundings.

28.Vathia Lagada

Vathia Lagada is one of the most inaccessible beaches on Mykonos, as it is located on the edge of Profitis Ilias Church

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